Technology as a Service

Tired of the Capital outlay and ongoing upgrade costs with your computers every few years?

Technology as a Service (TaaS) leverages an organizations assets away from capital outlays for hardware and software to operational expenses providing all IT needs for one fixed monthly fee.  TaaS generally includes a network stabilization project, ongoing support, software, hardware, licensing, data backup and disaster recovery, vendor management, and more into the fixed monthly rate for the term of the agreement. When the agreement is renewed, RMS provides all new hardware and the latest software. We ensure your organization stays on the cutting edge of technology. With RMSCare TaaS, your monthly IT payment becomes a consistent and predictable operating cost, allowing you to pay for performance instead of repairs. The end result is a solution that allows you to focus on running your business while RMS takes care of your technology.

RMSCare TaaS solution offers you:

  • The latest hardware and Microsoft Operating Systems and applications

  • Always run the latest version of Microsoft software such as Office 2013

  • Ongoing software and hardware updates and patches

  • Free setup and configuration of new systems

  • Simple, convenient monthly billing, with no capital investment needed

  • Expert tech support

  • Improved productivity as well as scalability for your business’ growth

  • All hardware hosted on your own private cloud on your premise.

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