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The biggest threat to your business isn’t an outside attacker — it’s unaware employees.

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If you think most data breaches are due to malicious outsiders, you’d be wrong. Most incidents are caused internally by employees’ inadvertent misuse of data. Your best employees could also be your greatest risk!

Did you know that 90% of modern day data breaches now involve a phishing email? All it takes is one employee accidentally clicking on a bad email or opening a malicious attachment for your entire business to be compromised. Employees receive an email from a trusted brand such as Facebook, Amazon, or even from the ‘CEO’ of their company, requesting them to click on a link, transfer funds or pass on confidential information. Before they know it, the criminals are planting malicious files, stealing data and compromising the security of your business network.

Protecting against internal vulnerabilities is important because many businesses never recover from a cyber attack. 50% of companies that experience a data breach fold within six months.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, sign up for our Employee Security Training! Threats and vulnerabilities exist for every business network worldwide, but you can have peace of mind knowing your business and ours is doing everything it can to keep you protected.

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Employee Security Training


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