Dark Web Monitoring

Is Your Business’s Information on the Dark Web?

Passwords are a twentieth-century solution to a twenty-first century problem. Unfortunately, usernames and passwords – the most common digital credentials used today – are all that stands between your employees and vital online services including corporate networks, social media sites, e-commerce sites and others.

How Are Credentials Compromised?


  • Send e-mails disguised as legitimate messages.
  • Trick users into disclosing credentials.
  • Deliver malware that captures credentials.


  • Inject malware into legitimate online advertising networks.
  • Deliver malware to visitors that captures credentials.

Watering Holes:

  • Target a popular site: social media, corporate intranet.
  • Inject malware into the code of the legitimate website.
  • Deliver malware to visitors that captures credentials.

Web Attacks:

  • Scan Internet-facing company assets for vulnerabilities.
  • Exploit discovered vulnerabilities to establish a foothold.
  • Move laterally through the network to discover credentials.

What Can an Attacker Do with Compromised Credentials?

They can send spam from compromised email accounts, deface web properties and host malicious content, install malware on compromised systems, compromise other accounts using the same credentials, exfiltrate sensitive data (Data Breach), and Identity Theft. The average number of data records per company compromised during a data breach totals 28,500. Each one represents another potential entry point to compromise the organization’s networks and data.

While there is always a chance that attackers will compromise a company’s systems through advanced attacks, most data breaches exploit common vectors such as known vulnerabilities, unpatched systems and unaware employees. Only through defense in depth – implementing a suite of tools such as security monitoring, data leak prevention, multi-factor authentication, improved security awareness and others – can organizations protect their credentials and other digital assets from seeping onto the Dark Web.

Cybercrime is predicted to cost companies $6 Trillion worldwide by 2021.

For those who make credentials available on the Dark Web, the financial rewards can be significant. A criminal dealing in stolen credentials can make tens of thousands of dollars from buyers interested in purchasing them. And by selling those credentials to multiple buyers, organizations that experience a breach of credentials can easily be under assault from dozens of attackers.

That is why RMS uses the tool Dark Web ID from ID Agent to provide businesses with continuous searching, monitoring and reporting on the presence of your organization’s credentials on the Dark Web. We will immediately notify you so that you can take action before these critical digital assets are used to compromise your personnel, networks and data. We can help your organization to reduce the likelihood and impact of compromised credentials, meet compliance, and ensure that you’re not the next organization in the headlines for the wrong reason.

Keeping Your Business Safe Is What We Do!

Call NOW to ensure that you don’t become one of the statistics.

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