Are You a Piece of Low-Hanging Fruit for Cybercriminals?

When your business becomes the victim of a cybercrime attack and your client data is compromised, you lose a LOT more than you think.

According to most state laws, you will be required to tell your clients that YOU exposed them to cybercriminals. You will be investigated and questioned about what you did to prevent this from happening – and if your answer is inadequate, you will be found liable and face serious fines and lawsuits EVEN IF you trusted an IT support company to protect you.

Your competition will celebrate, your clients will be IRATE, and employees will BLAME YOU. Your bank is NOT required to replace funds stolen due to cybercrime, and unless you have a very specific type of insurance policy, any financial losses will be denied coverage.

Please do NOT underestimate the importance and likelihood of these risks.

It is NOT safe to assume your IT company is doing everything they should be doing to protect you. In fact, there is a high probability they are NOT.

I know you are extremely busy and there is enormous temptation to worry about it “later” or dismiss it altogether. That is undoubtedly the easy choice…but the easy choice is rarely the RIGHT choice. I can guarantee at some point you WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH A CYBER SECURITY THREAT.

Hopefully you’ll be brilliantly prepared for it and experience only a minor inconvenience at most. But if you wait and do NOTHING, this will be far more costly, disruptive, and devastating to your business.

You’ve spent a lifetime working hard to get where you are today. Don’t let some lowlife thief operating outside the law get away with taking that from you. And certainly don’t “hope” your IT guy has you covered. RMS has a complete suite of solutions to make sure this never happens to you. Call us now to find out more!

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